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Channel the Après-ski look this season

Trying to stay fashionable during the winter can be tricky with slope style evolving every year. However, in this guest blog from our friends at Sports Direct, they argue that it’s essential to stay stylish throughout the colder months.


So you’re heading back to your accommodation after an exhausting but exhilarating and successful day on the slopes. After you catch your breath and brush the last bits of snow off your ski jacket, your attention then turns to the well anticipated planned events of the evening. At this point, whether it required a little thought or a long ponder, inevitably, it crosses your mind: what to wear for the après ski social! Whether its heading back to the chalet to chill out with your friends and loved ones, or hitting the pubs and clubs of the resort, make sure you’re in the know of how to wrap up warm whilst looking cool, on your long awaited ski trip this coming season.

Chalet Chic


A mini chalet packed with Après ski fashion, in the village of Lech, Austria


OK, so I know what you are thinking. Why make an effort with your outfit if all you’re planning on doing is over indulging on a much needed post slope feast, drinking hot chocolate until it’s coming out of your ears and playing the stereotypical social games such as charades before falling asleep by the fire. Well let’s be honest, part of the fun of planning a trip away is treating yourself to those holiday staples,whether it’s a trip to the sun or hitting the snow scene. The beauty of a ski trip is that if you plan your après wardrobe right and invest in some key items, these can be utilised in many different ways to create different trends for seasons to come.

To help you achieve the ultimate chalet chic look, I caught up with some helpful designers who have recently attended the top ski wear trade shows such as ISPO in Munich and selected the stand out chalet inspired pieces, that are worth shouting about.

The over sized look is making an appearance once again this winter and is the perfect place to start when working out what to pack. Not only are they a highly functional contribution to your winter collection due to their ability to keep you warm and snug as a bug, but they are very diverse depending on what après ski occasion you are divulging in!

So if you are planning on staying in, want to feel comfortable but still look stylish, try going for some oversized knit wear that embraces a strong print that will stand out. The geometric print is a key winner this winter and will certainly add some zest to a potentially dull baggy jumper. Layering is also a must do, and a good tip is to pack extra long vest tops in a variety of colours to wear underneath. If you opt for a cream jumper for example with a monochrome print, don’t be afraid to wear a brightly coloured top underneath to create a bold statement. Bright colours aren’t  just for sunshine breaks and they will have a strong aesthetic quality that will look fab on those all important holiday snaps! Team this with some plain leggings or fitted jeans, and I know it’s tempting ladies but please ditch the slippers! A nice comfortable pair of flat leather shin/knee high boots will finish this look off perfectly and will be a solid investment in terms of style and longevity.

Resort Rendezvous


One of the many bustling bars in the resort of Verbier, Switzerland


Right, so someone you got chatting to on the ski lift earlier on in the day, told you about a great live band that were playing in the resort later that evening. You decide, like many, to go along and enjoy the contagious buzz and atmosphere that it  has to offer, but you hit a brick wall as to what to wear. You need an outfit that will keep you from feeling the bitter chill whilst you casually manoeuvre from bar to bar. But the last thing you want is to be overheating in the packed out pubs whilst carting around all your layers that you had to strip off before you have even reached the bar!

The key item that should help solve this inconvenient problem is a gilet. With faux fur making a big come back this season, a gilet is a perfect canvas to experiment with the faux fur look as you can be as brave as you like with out going overboard. Try the cropped style as an alternative to a full body one. It will still provide enough warmth but not get you too hot under the collar whilst you drink and dance the night away. A cropped gilet will look bang on trend this winter over a long sleeved fitted dress. Let the fur do the talking and keep the dress fairly plain!

Finish off with a pair of black tights and of course some statement Winter snow boots, preferably some eye catching ones that compliment the tone of the fur! Add some chic leather gloves, these don’t have to be black or tan as the safe option won’t make you stand out. Showcase a pair that bring some colour to the outfit such as electric blue or a mustard yellow! Sounds a tad daring but this winter will be all about the spontaneous pops of colour throughout your outfit.

So there you are then, just a few starter tips to give you some ideas of what trends to look out for in preparation for your winter break! Whether it’s a planned night in or you’re seeking a lively atmosphere out and about in the resort, make sure you feel happy, comfortable and confident by making the right choices when it finally comes to packing that suitcase!

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