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Which Ski Explorer are you?

Welcome to winter. The freedom, the laughs, the cool crisp air. Whether you’re a Piste Princess, Powder Hound or Park Rat, we’ve all got one thing in common. The love of the mountain brings us together.

Take the Ski Explorer quiz and find out what type of skier you are or read about the characters and choose who you want to be.

For each skier type, you’ll find the best selection of resorts and deals are only a click away.

    • Mile Muncher

      You spend most of your to make the last lift.

      You're capable of taking on most of the mountain, and this year you're going to cover every last metre. Your gear's showing signs of wear, but nothing that a bit of gaffer tape won't fix. With your 'On the slopes' playlist blasting through your headphones, you set off each morning for a new peak, only returning when the last lift is called. Unless that is, you miss it....

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    • Apres Animal

      You spend most of the time...making friends with the barman.

      As your friends drag themselves out of bed, you're being dragged from the dance floor. As the sun rises, you're falling over. You start the party, end the party and occasionally ruin the party. You are the Wolf Pack. There are rumours that you're pretty good on the slopes - stories of naked, midnight descents and jumps off chalet roofs - but nobody knows for sure as they've never actually seen you ski.

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    • Piste Princess

      You spend most of your the high life.

      Well hello darling! You've got winter holidays down to a fine art - catered chalets and 5* hotels, open fires and ice-cold champagne, recovery massages and days in the spa. When you leave your lap of luxury you take to the slopes with grace and elegance. While we arrive at the bottom red-faced and windblown, you arrive looking like you've just stepped out of a salon. Which you probably have.

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    • Dawn Patrol

      You spend most of your time...setting your alarm clock.

      None of that après ski nonsense for you, there are first lifts to catch. That's if you haven't hiked up the mountain to watch the sunrise. While us idiots are sleeping off our hangovers, you'll take stunning shots of the day breaking over the peaks, and then cruise down through fields of untouched powder. We're in awe of your effort, but please don't show us the photos again. We know we're lazy.

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    • Fairweather Fred

      You spend most of your time...taking selfies on the slopes.

      You're one of the first on the slopes...provided it's not actually snowing. Why bother freezing your bum off in a blizzard, when you could be enjoying your holiday in the bar? Or spa? Or while playing that sport with the brooms at which the Scots are pretty useful? Come the blue skies though, nothing's going to stop you! Well, except a cheeky slopeside beer or perfect Instagram opportunity.

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    • Powder Hound

      You spend most of your time...digging yourself out of snowbanks.

      The snow report is your bible, for yours is the eternal mission for powder. If there's even the faintest chance of overnight snow, you'll scrap your après ski plans and wax your board or skis. You've had a few close calls (particularly during that heli-ski trip), so now you carry an airbag system and transceiver; even when you're helping a friend navigate the nursery slopes for the first time.

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    • Snow Plough Hero

      You spend most of your time...applying ice to your bottom.

      In between picking yourself off the floor, you occasionally hurtle down the slopes at a massive 5mph. Children love you, or rather they love laughing at you, as they ski past backwards. Once you've fallen over for the final time you retire to the bar to compare injuries and swap stories like seasoned experts. Just don't drink too much - getting up tomorrow is going to be hard enough as it is!

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    • Park Rat

      You spend most of your time...upside down.

      Your foreign terminology ('gnar pow kill'?!), multiple tattoos and injury inducing initiations could see you mistaken for a mythical mountain tribe. In fact, you're Tim and Lottie and you'll be heading back to your jobs in advertising and PR next week. For the moment though, you're Shaun White and Jenny Jones, hurtling through the sky with grace, precision, and fingers firmly crossed.

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    • Kamikaze Kid

      You spend most of your A&E

      Brave or stupid? Your mates haven't decided, but the doctors have a pretty good idea. Experience isn't relevant to the Kamikaze skier, you all share the philosophy 'if there's snow on it, you can ski it'. Some of you shoot down the steepest slope, others jump off the biggest cliff. The results are pretty much the same - yells of 'Oh *&^%!', new plaster casts to sign, and videos fit for Jackass.

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    • Gadget Guru

      You spend most of your time...downloading your tracking data.

      If someone’s invented it, you’ve got it. Your jacket has a heating system; your phone has a resort specific GPS system, and your watch projects a hologram of the solar system. You're indisputably the 'King of Kit'! If however, your moves leave you a little short of becoming mountain royalty, don’t worry - just wait for reality to catch up to The Matrix, then download any missing ski and snowboard skills direct to your brain.

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    • The Unstoppables

      You spend most of your time...looking for lost gloves.

      You're snowstorms of perpetual motion, packing lunches, strapping on boots, and dropping the kids at ski school before fitting in a few short runs yourself - you would take on the Black Diamond, but you've got to get back for tobogganing. Once the kids are finally asleep, you'll heroically collapse with a glass of wine, before rapidly falling asleep on the sofa. If only Mary Poppins could ski...

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