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Disability Snowsport UK

DSUK & Crystal

At Crystal Ski we are passionate about working with the charity Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK). Their work is truly inspirational and every year we try to raise as much as we can to support their endeavours.

About DSUK

DSUK instructors and volunteers have enabled thousands of individuals of all ages with any form of disability to enjoy the thrills of the slopes both in the UK and abroad.

DSUK organise overseas activity weeks which provide the opportunity for people with disabilities to realise their potential on the slopes and have some fun too!

For those who cannot travel abroad, DSUK help provide disabled skiing through local groups who travel to indoor snow centres in the UK.

Crystal and DSUK working together

Our devotion to the work of DSUK is absolute. Year-round we make it a priority to keep raising money and we also take an active role in the activities of DSUK.

So whether we are dressing up as Santa and running through Battersea Park or sending volunteers on the overseas activity weeks to assist the DSUK team, we love being involved with this wonderful charity.

Fundraising for DSUK

We’re proud to be one of the key supporters and fundraisers for DSUK. Over the years your generosity has raised money for adaptive ski school lessons, specialist equipment and volunteer helpers – all of which are key to creating amazing ski experiences for disabled people.

Plus our staff regularly don fancy dress skiing outfits, bake cakes and raffle off anything they can get their ski mitts on – all in the name of DSUK.

Find out more about our fundraising efforts

Donate today

To donate to DSUK today please visit the site. Alternatively you can donate to DSUK on the extras page when booking your holiday online.